Re: NVDA with Notepad++

Ron Canazzi

Hi Anthony,

On both Windows 8 and 7 machines, and with Notepad Plus Plus, I do not have this issue.  I do have a minor issue wherein when I type a line of text and make a mistake and then go back into the line to edit it after it has been written, sometimes, the line double reads if I press the down arrow key to move to the next line.  I have found that pressing the end key to move to the end of the line and then using up/down arrow keys fixes the problem--a minor inconvenience at worst.

On 10/10/2017 2:04 PM, Anthony Lawlor wrote:
I am a software development student who is visually impaired. I use
NVDA to navigate my computer and notepad++ for all my coding. The one
thing that has plagued me is that when I put my cursor on a line in
notepad++, NVDA reads five lines below where my cursor is instead of
the line my cursor is actually on. This makes coding more difficult
for me. Is there a way to get NVDA to read my current line that I have
my cursor on in notepad++ instead of five lines below?

Thank you

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