thunderbrid notifications

Martin Thomas Swaton

Hi listers,

hopefully someone can help me. I use mozillasĀ  thunderbird for mailing.

(Windows 8.1, 64bit)

when thunderbird wants to tell me something (notifications) nvda says "notification" (or similar, I use german so it may differ in wording)

I would defenitely like to know what the notification is about, but have no idea and could not find anything in the internet, how to read this "notification" that was anounced ...and keeps being anounced

It does not matterĀ  which kind of notification it is - as it seems. I e.g. know that I got a notification because of a server not responding (imap server was not reachable)

but there seem to be other notifications waiting for me to read them :-)

thankful for any idea how to get more information from that notifications.



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