Re: idea for libreOffice

V Stuart Foote

Hi Josh,

Java Access Bridge has not been required for assistive technology tools (AT) support in the Windows builds of either project for several years. It was replaced with a native Windows bridge implementing the IAccessible2 (ia2) API donated with the IBM Symphony code and merged for AT on the Apache OpenOffice 4.1.0 (April 2014)  and LibreOffice 4.2.0 (January 2014) releases.

Both projects continue to provide cross platform AT support with Accessible Roles defined internally via the UNO Accessibility API--which the native bridges: ATK/AT-SPI, ia2, NSAccessibility (Linux, Windows, macOS) then parse for user interface events. As with most software development project developers will insist on that structured provision of Accessible Roles for assistive technology in a format for cross platform consumption.   Very unlikely either project will implement Microsoft UIA as that would gut UNO Accessibility API (loosely the same as the Java Accessibility API in Java) that all the AT must connect to. 

Anything else that is needed by an AT is out of scope.

So, NVDA's interface (including brail support)  is against the IAccessible2, and relies on other NVDA modules for Windows screen and object exposure when an Accessible Event is not exposed.

No benefit to folks to try to rework NVDA interface for something the developers on the office programs will not accept.

Stuart Foote
San Antonio, Texas

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