locked Re: why does seem that so many blind people are so against change?


The "I can't afford it" argument is the worst strawman I've ever seen, because no one, and I mean no one, has even suggested that an individual's financial circumstances should not to be taken into account along with a number of other considerations as well.  References to individual needs and circumstances have occurred repeatedly on the threads that spawned this one, but there is no need to go into hair-splitting detail because we all know the nature of those considerations.  And while there are definitely "blind specific" considerations, which Katty Geltmeyer expressed beautifully succinctly, there are a great many more that apply to anyone with regard to the endless changes that go with technology - all technology.

Christo Vorster wisely said: I always say that making choices regarding computer programs is much like buying a car. The only question is “what do you prefer, like, or what works for you”.

One of my favorite quotations definitely applies here:

A sensible person realizes that all principles that can be expressed in a statement of finite length are oversimplified.   ~ Robert Heppe


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