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Googling may not give you enough information about the modified version that runs in higher versions of Windows.  Many people have problems with Outlook Express in Windows 7 and higher.  You can play with the version that has been modified to work in higher versions of Windows but whether you have problems that amount to anything is something you'll have to see.  For many users, I see no reason to cling to this old e-mail program with other good alternatives unless you put a lot of importance on identities.  If you have a lot of folders and want to use first letter navigation, that may be another reason to use Outlook Express but you may have problems ranging from DBX corruption to others which may or may not be easy to solve. 
As far as identities are concerned, I haven't worked with identities and I can't comment on where they might be useful. 
The modified Outlook Express is put out by a person and the person is now asking for "donations" because he can't legally charge for a program he doesn't own.  If you want to try an older free version before the person decided to ask for "donations", you can download a free version at the Whitestick site.  I'll check and provide the link if you have questions.
But if you don't want to fool around with Outlook Express, you may find Windows Live Mail to be a good option.  Some people have a crashing problem with the program but many people don't.  I've been using it for many years and I'm very satisfied with it.  There is an older menu version and a newer ribbon version.  I don't think I have information about where to get the newer ribbon version but one or more people on the list do.  I do have information about where to get the older menu version, if desired.

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Some people are still useing Outlook express. It is being kept alive by
someone out there... Just google it.
On 10/11/2017 1:29 PM, Earle Zwicker wrote:
> Just wondering what programs people are using for mail? I have Windows 10 creater, and I still haven't found something I'm completely happy with.
> I've tried Thunder bird, but found it to be a bit sluggish.
> I've also tried the mail program that's built in, but for some reason message threads are open by default, and I don't see an option to change this behaviour.
> So if anyone has any suggestions on how I can fix these problems, or another email program, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for any help you can give me.
> Earle
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