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I do understand where you're coming from. These unreasonable people can't keep asking the software developers to keep an old system going when it's no longer supported. That's like asking someone to try to find a part for an old wringer washing machine. It can't be done because they don't have those washers anymore.


Yes, things do change and like the old saying goes, "you have to go with the flow".


As far as email programs, I'm using outlook 2013 which does have the ribbon and I'm not having a problem with it.


I know we've had some disagreements in the past but I totally back you up where this unreasonable person is concerned. This will be my last word on the subject.




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        I hasten to add that my comments are not meant to "poke fun" at the attitude expressed but to highlight the impossibility of anyone, "maintaining all old ancient technology forever," and trying to equate efforts to do so with, "freedom of choice for every person." It isn't possible and it has nothing to do with freedom of choice. Things, including software, have eras and service lives. What I find really galling, and actually stupid, is the idea that others have an obligation to act irrationally in an effort to maintain programs and technologies that have not been current for well over a decade now (which is like a century or more in tech time).

        I have helped any number of people who were forced by circumstances, even temporary ones, to keep things afloat until they could work out the logistics of moving on in a way that caused the least pain.  It's never painless.

        But I adamantly refuse to countenance the idea that professionals, in any field, are under any obligation to keep trying to keep something going that has long been "past its expiration date" because there are a few unreasonable people who simply will not move on.  It's even worse when they won't move on because of personal preference for something now abandoned.  That's one of the reasons I repeatedly snap back at the whining about ribbons and the endless love of "Identities" in Outlook Express that never caught on anywhere else.   Those battles are over - way over - and you, for any you, would do well to spend your time learning what is current and appears likely to be supported into the foreseeable future, not complaining about them.

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