Re: Please, give me your LibreOffice issues

Tony Ballou

Hi Quentin,

One area of Libre office that gives me problems is when you press f5, it goes into a navigator.  There's not much accessibility in there and it also wouldn't hurt to be able to use the go to feature like you would in Microsoft Word.



On 10/9/2017 9:08 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:

Hi everyone,

I'm having a look at our LibreOffice issues, and also LibreOffice's NVDA issues.  So, if anyone has any bugs or issues with LibreOffice and NVDA, now would be a great time to raise them so I can capture the current state of play.

I have been working through our issues tagged with LibreOffice:

and The Document Foundation's issues with NVDA:

If you haven't already reported an issue in either of those places, even if you've previously raised it here, please let me know, just to make sure I don't miss it.



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