Re: NVDA 2017.3 and Outlook 2003

Rosemarie Chavarria

I disagree. It's not about freedom of choice when it comes to old systems. Asking developers to keep maintaining ancient systems is like asking a manufacturer to keep developing parts for an old wringer washing machine. Things change and you have to either move along with the change or get left behind.

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i agree with maintaining all old aincient technology forever!
its freedom of choice for every person and his-her right to select the favorite programs, office, operating systems etc!
noone should not force others to change, just because beeing uptodate and jusg for change and new things to come!

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Probably both! :-)

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Um... erudite or luddite?


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I'm a bit of erudite as well. I enjoy playing with new stuff, but if
I'm trying to get stuff done the muscle memory used for reading
emails and other stuff takes a lot to relearn so why bother when its still working.
I thought of going into banking, until I lost interest.

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