Re: Issues with Windows 10 upgrades

Tony Ballou

Hi allie,

The dilemma you appear to be facing is a audio drivers error. Like
windows 10, they may also need to be updated. Because this is a
refurbished system, You can try to use the device manager applet to find
the correct audio driver, if that doesn't solve the issue, it may be
time to upgrade some of the hardware.


On 10/5/2017 9:23 AM, Mallard wrote:
Hello all,

My machine (a desktop from HP, which was bought refurbished, and has
12GB of ram at the moment) doesn't seem to want to upgrade to Creator.
It has been attempiting to do the updates, but every time it says
there's an error, and can't complete the procedure.

It gives me the following error:

Error: 0x8007001f

I searched for the code on teh web, and so did my husband, but we
didn't come up with anything viable.

Has anyone, by any chance, experienced somehting like this, and how
did you solve it, if you did at all?

Thanks, ciao,

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