Re: idea for libreOffice


openoffice does not require java access briedge since version 4.1.0
and for libreoffice in version 4.3.0
hope that help, God bless you!

On 10/12/17, Governor staten <govsta@...> wrote:
As was already explained, that piece of software is no longer needed,
and hasn't been needed for a couple years now.

There are many other things to be done, however. They have already taken
care of the Java Access Bridge deal.


On 10/11/2017 6:24 PM, Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

It's possible your idea might make libre office more stable.

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*Subject:* [nvda] idea for libreOffice

I had an idea. Not sure if this would make libreoffice more stable and
functional or not but here it goes.

Rather than libreoffice and openoffice relying on the java access
bridge, both libreoffice and openoffice should have a feature to
detect when NVDA is loaded. If loaded, libreoffice could probably run
much more stable and provide much better accessibility if it directly
used the NVDA controller client to provide direct accessibility by
having NVDA braille and speak exactly what needs spoken and or
brailled. This may enable the reading of charts and graphs in calc,
better access in writer, complete access to impress, and the math
tools. Not sure if this will go anywhere. But it was just an idea. And
if it works we would have two excellent 100% accessible up to date and
free office suites that, just as a braille notetaker like the
brailleNote speaks exactly what is needed when needed, no more no
less, same with braille... So if libreoffice and or openoffice used
NVDA controller client rather than java access bridge which may be the
cause of its instability? Then perhaps NVDA would work great with
these applications.


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