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In the latest master and next snaps the version is later, certainly. there are a few pronunciation issues I'm not happy with in UK English myself, but nothing that I could not fix in a dictionary.
It does on some sound hardware sometimes truncate a word. its hard to pin this one down though as its there then its gone again.

Apart from those two specifics, Espeak NG seems much the same as before.

However there is an issue when you update from the old stable version that the voice dictionary gets lost due to the UK name having changed of the file. You can go in and hot wire it by renaming it of course but I'm given to understand the devs are trying to make detection automatic so it acts in a seamless way on the update.


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I know, that some people dislike Espeak, but I have a question.
Have You update Espeak NG in the next version of NVDA to the new version?
I don't know, where to ask this question, so I rather ask It here.
There are also new languages too, some inprovements for another languages also.
Thank You.
Marco Oros

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