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I have used it on a couple boxes, the big issues I have with it are that several buttons are not accessible and there is this crazy window that pops up while its running, and closing it crashes the program.

It also tried to by default upload my entier computer to the cloud, when first installed.

I use it on one of the workstations but the interface is while I can access some of it mostly complete junk.

The older drive was also complete junk but at least I could use it.

Dropbox interface is also sadly complete junk but to use dropbox especially if you have setup and shared all you need, for most of what you need which is not much to be honest its not in the way.

Onedrive is probably your friend but I never cared for its web interface, google drive is better for that and dropbox as long as the direct links can be done and if you changes your 1 and 0s right you can do that yourself.

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Which version of Google Drive. I've never found the need for one with the old type google drive. the new back up overkill bungled crashing heap they try to force on you now is not even work running as it crashes all the time. Of course this is my experience only.

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Hello fellow nvda enthusiasts,

I recently was uploading media to my google drive, and was wondering,
If there was an nvda addon for google drive, similar to what there for dropbox,

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thank you so much,
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