Re: two errors in the last NVDA Next

Ângelo Abrantes

Thanks a lot!

I alread solved the tow problems:

Vocalizer is a server problem...

The other was a conflict betwen the old handy tech driver and that Nvda is using now.

Ângelo Abrantes

Às 10:19 de 12-10-2017, Quentin Christensen escreveu:
Could you use them in the previous version?  And are you getting an error, or a sound or anything indicating what is wrong?

If you could send me your log, I can have a look for you - quentin@....  Info on logs is available from:

Kind regards


On Thu, Oct 12, 2017 at 8:10 PM, Ângelo Abrantes <ampa4374@...> wrote:

I'm using nvda Version: next-14511,339707cd

But I can't use handy tech Braille and vocalizer expressive.

What is happening?

Ângelo Abrantes

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