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Hmmm ok so thats how that works.

Well then if I see something that cheap on ebay and it looks good I may try to buy it.

I know here in nz its only company licenced units and when my uncle got one of those for windows as part of an x company system when he had to reformat due to a ransomware attack the key just wouldn't activate and he simply got accused of pirating it.

In the end we resolved the situation by just chucking it all away managing to get at expense the data from it, and he brought another system, well 2 of them.

Though who knows if his keys would work I am still not happy about that though.

On 13/10/2017 7:10 a.m., Cristóbal wrote:
Yes. Generally from scrapped/damaged PCs on eBay at least. Has to do with some sort of EU regulation and software licensing protocol. I don't doubt that there are pirated keys out there, but as with anything, do your research. I only buy from highly rated sellers who usually have feedback in the thousands. As far as the other more traditional sites, I'd have to guess that they've got some sort of arrangement with MS or through some other licensing program. Haven't bought one through them so can't really say.
I've got Office 2016 running on my two machines and had no problem either activating them or any issues since. Same goes for my wife's machines and computers of friends or family I've helped out with in a similar manner.

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But are those keys legal, I have seen these company licences but I am unsure are those legal.

I have seen them on auction and to be honest I don't care if they are fake or not but I do care for if they work, or if I need to renew them when I use all of my activations up, I call ms and they say its pirated and then what I am in the can for 10 bucks.

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You can also buy a full and legitimate Office license on eBay for around $10 give or take. I sometimes come across Office and Windows 10 keys on traditional retail sites for $25 to $35 as well.

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The link to purchase standalone Outlook 2016 for PC, at $109.99, is


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