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Bhavya shah

Hi Alessandro,
I am using LiClipse for a Python programming course I am currently
taking, since that was the IDE recommended to all of us visually
impaired screen reader users by our mentors.

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Thanks all for the reply.

The solution is the same that i use.



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There have been efforts made to make notepad ++ work better with nvda
because so many use it to write source and scripts with.
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I use Notepad++ for all my coding. It is accessible with NVDA. You
could also try Eclipse.

On 10/12/17, Alessandro Albano via Groups.Io
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Hi everyone,
I wanted to know what IDE were used to develop in python language.
Visual Studio? Other?
I'm attending a course and wanted to know what was the most
accessible IDE
to use for a blind people.


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