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mr. Chikodinaka Nickkrandidm Oguledo <happychikao@...>

hello I need the link to the recorder! no to answer your question? u
can get other voices. like from a t&t labs mike 16 and others voices

On 4/19/16, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Well I have old realspeak voices, speech platform is free.
Sapi4 stuff can still be installed so ms and lh voices will still work.
While I wouldn't recomend it if you can get the home page reader 3.02
demo there are fully working viavoices.
The reason I don't recomend it is that even in old xp their installers
didn't always work to remove them later.
Finally if you do have version 7 of windoweyes maybe later their version
of eloquence is on the disk its a sapi4 program and its legal as far as
I know.
However, I am wary of loading older synths, and older things even the ms
sapi5.1 synths as I have heard that some of the old resource kits can do
bad things to the os.
For nvda I'd actually be inclined to spend the cash for the acapella
nvda voices, they are specially configured for nvda and you get access
to every voice for the 1 price and that is an attraction for me that I
may take up.

On 20/04/2016 9:39 a.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:

I'm using the e-speak synthesizer and it's really great. Anna is the only
sapi 5 voice that comes with windows 7 but you can buy more voices.


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Hi, is Anna the only voice you can use with nvda unless you purchase more?
only have Microsoft voice Anna as my only voice option and would like
something a bit better. Thanks for any help and have a blessed day. PS:
using the latest nvda with windows 7 and am very very much a beginner and
know very little about nvda. Thanks again and have a blessed day.


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