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It may be mostly for the reason you say, but when I go to some web sites using Chrome, I get a message that says alert and often nothing more.  This particularly happens on Youttube where the messages seem to alert me that an add is playing that can be skipped, but because they are not read often, only the word "alert" is spoken, I'm inferring what the message may say from the very few times I've heard it read.

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The reason that you are getting the chrome Developer Alert Tools in either in Chrome or Firefox is that you have the Developer Mode turned on.

Go in firefox to Tools then cursor down to Web Developer and then make sure that everything is unchecked in the sub menu which appears after that.

You might have to repeat the uncheck for every item you have in the web developer sub menu.

If you are using Chrome then this presumably  will also be in the Chrome menus somewhere.


However once these web developer options are all unchecked the inaccessible and annoying web development alerts should go away.


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From: Marcia Yale
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Subject: [nvda] Question about Google Chrome and annoying alerts


Every time I launch Chrome I hear "alert". Sometimes I am also told what the

alert is for, but either way, I can't get rid of the alert nor take any

action if I hear the actual message. Any help would be appreciated--shortcut

key, anything!


Marcia Yale

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