dictation on the fly windows key plus h

Josh Kennedy <joshknnd1982@...>

in the new windows 10 update, you can dictate text on demand and use some basic dictation commands. you do this by hitting windows key plus h. before dictating, a sound is played. when you are done dictating, the computer senses you are done and then you hear the new stop dictating sound effect. there is a problem though. while dictating, NVDA tries to echo what is typed as you dictate. I installed dictation bridge, no change. It would be far better if NVDA would wait until the dictation was finnished, and then speak what was just dictated. Seems like dictation bridge does not support this new form of windows dictation. Could someone on the list please maybe fix this issue with an addon? thanks.

I tested out this new form of dictation, and even without training, it works very very good. so you can just dictate on the fly. also the narrator feature of describing any image or graphic works good, wish this also were implemented into NVDA.


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