Re: where does NVDA support OS system API MSAA

John Isige

Shouldn't it just work? It's using MSAA and NVDA supports that. I thought the whole point of MSAA is that things get exposed to screen readers. I have no idea what the Zoom meeting thingy is so I can't really help beyond that, but my understanding was that MSAA just exposes things to screen readers and such. But yeah, the dev list would probably be a better place for this, unless somebody from there participates here and can tackle it.

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You really need to raise this as an issue in github so the devs will see it, and also try to get a good argument for writing the app module, or alternatively, put it on the add ons list and suggest an add on is created for it if the resources are in nvda to achieve it.

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I ask this question because I'm wondering what it would take for NVDA to work with the zoom meeting platform, and receive notifications from it, as other screen readers do.

The information I was able to get from zoom is the following, and will hopefully be of help for anyone who could take advantage of this info...

"Zoom client in Windows uses OS system API MSAA to support screen reader. The SPEC is described here:
In particular details, Zoom client calls the MSAA API to notify system to inform the screen reader to speak."

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