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Hey there,
I hope that everyone's day is well mine started off great but because of a
friend whose PC got formatted buy someone who was using the same NVdA
remote key that he was he is the second person that I know that this kind
of thing hashappend to I am wanting to find out is is there a Remote Dev
on this list who will please get back with me this is a crime what this
person did and I want to see something done.

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See NVDA user guide, Sec. 10.8.

On 10/18/2017 12:54, erik burggraaf wrote:

Hello all, I have been reading up on the Kindle for PC app from
Amazon. It is supposed to have special functions that work
specifically with nvda, but I cannot find any documentation other than
the fact that they exist.

The following two links are the best documentation I have been able to
find Colon

I am not seeing how to move by characters  words mines and sentences.
  I am also not clear on how to use special nvda features like the
ability to look up words within a Kindle ebook.

It any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards,

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