Accessing toolbars in Firefox.

John Isige

Hey all. I swear there's a way to do this, but I can't remember it and I can't find it, either in the NVDA user guide or via google.

How do you access toolbars in Firefox? With object navigation I can sort of get to one, but I only see a couple of buttons, e.g. "scribefire", which is something like 25 of 37. I can't see how to get to the rest of the buttons even with object nav, just the three or four that show up. I swear there was some sort of key you hit that toggled you into the toolbar so you could move through it and another way to move between them. Or maybe I'm thinking of something else or just hallucinating. Wouldn't surprise me, everybody else gets unicorns and dinosaurs and pink elephants and stuff, and I get access keys!

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