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Aravind R

some books are designed as screen reader accessible like something in
kindle. with those books only, NVDA will work. else we should rely on
kindle's default reader. thats why kindle is useless to me as i'm
unable to purchase and read my most wanted tamil books and unable to
find out the list of english books enabled with screen reader support.

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Do you know how to send completely new messages to the list? You sent your
message in a completely unrelated thread, you left the subject line the
same, and you left all the unrelated messages below yours.
If you do that, you make it much less likely that those you want to reach
will read the message. Many people decide which messages to read by reading
the subject lines. Such people won't even know you sent a message on a
different subject.

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Hey there,
I hope that everyone's day is well mine started off great but because of
friend whose PC got formatted buy someone who was using the same NVdA
remote key that he was he is the second person that I know that this
of thing hashappend to I am wanting to find out is is there a Remote
on this list who will please get back with me this is a crime what this
person did and I want to see something done.

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See NVDA user guide, Sec. 10.8.

On 10/18/2017 12:54, erik burggraaf wrote:

Hello all, I have been reading up on the Kindle for PC app from
Amazon. It is supposed to have special functions that work
specifically with nvda, but I cannot find any documentation other than
the fact that they exist.

The following two links are the best documentation I have been able to
find Colon

I am not seeing how to move by characters words mines and sentences.
I am also not clear on how to use special nvda features like the
ability to look up words within a Kindle ebook.

It any direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks and regards,

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