Re: the volume on the creators update is softer


Yeah a lot of the laptops now use their own overlays on the realtech drivers the hp uses something called dts this makes speech semi suck but I tried without the realtech device and the sound speakers are so small its like listening to it from a box.

The hp dts at least sounds nice and spacial audio set to sonic will push up volumes a little to.

On my new gegabyte system I am planning to get they have creative overlays sadly on my external soundcard these make speech a bit choppy but music, sfx and games really rock so I will forgive that.

On 19/10/2017 4:22 p.m., Blee Blat wrote:
And even if you do that it's still not likely to work. They must be using some on-chip codecs because I'm still getting dynamic compression applied. It's less worse than it was with the realtek services running, but it's still noticeable. This is not helpful for most sounds at all. I wonder what the hit for CPU performance is for this nonsense. I'll continue screwing around with drivers until I find a fix I guess. The phone doesn't have these artifacts, so at least I can just use that.


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