Re: bt sync and me are officially enemies

Bobby Vinton <vinton.bobby5277@...>

The one that says windows 64 bit version.  Or better yet you can get sync thing at  Hope you have good luck.


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From: Shaun Everiss
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Subject: Re: [nvda] bt sync and me are officially enemies


What syncthing do I download, firefox says with noscript things are not

allowd, but the window never appears even though I have permitted it all.


Do you use a gui or something I used synctracer but that just didn't

work to well, should I use a frontend or what I can't get the syncthing

thing to show up without doodling.





On 21/10/2017 1:32 p.m., Bobby Vinton wrote:

> Well in order to use sync thing you have to have a key for your folder and also a computer id.  If you go to actions just click show id than add the folder.  Just to let you know I am using sync thing and it is working very very well for me.  Let us know how you do and good luck.

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> From: Shaun Everiss

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> Subject: [nvda] bt sync and me are officially enemies

> Hi.

> Well never thought this would be me saying I am done but I am done.

> Bt sync suddenly started crashing I did everything settings clear,

> system restore, etc, etc, etc, I added all my folders in again, and it

> went and started syncing but less than 2 minutes afterwards the client

> crashed with the standard stopped working message.

> I did try resilio but I am either doing it wrong or something because

> while I was able with another reader able to get it to show a bit of its

> web ui where I could do something with it even when I added a folder it

> asked for confirmation.

> When I put the service in and set it as system, thinking that would

> work, the thing just didn'

> 't seem to notice, that is I got it running but it just wouldn't display

> any web ui and there was no icon to do that.

> Someone mentioned there was a way on here to get it to run with a

> command line and I may do that.

> I have looked at synkthing and it looked good if only I knew how to

> opperate it fully I have all the keys for my folders but to be honest at

> this point, I have half the mind to say well thats me and bt sync.

> There is 1 folder I can get updates to manually via a dropbox share but

> thats about it.

> I have an old bt sync clicker sadly no longer about and I could use that

> I guess but to be honest, I'm just about out of options.

> In the end if btsync doesn't I will use the access I have via dropbox

> for the folder that I have audio described tv stuff on but to be honest

> that may be that.

> I can't waste all day on bt sync 1 and if there is a limit I have

> obviously reached it, I have a 30gb folder of chips 12gb of tv stuff a

> couple smaller folders of 1-2gb each and a big 4gb phone sound folder, I

> have about 50gb of stuff.

> Is there some sort of accessible bt sync client that can take keys or

> that one can use, To be honest I'd like something that you could use

> like bt sync 1x but that had an explorer interface I don't need that

> much I just want to sync 6 large folders, if I can make more with keys

> or whatever then sure go ahead but I am done otherwise.





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