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your third issue is resolved and be available in nvda 2017.4
your first question, i desabled desplaying images and javascript, i
dont keep history and dont make bookmark and dont have this issue most
of times.
hope that help, God bless you!

On 10/21/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
I don't know why the third problem occurs but others can explain it from a
technical standpoint but the problem is known. If I have to unload NVDA for
some reason and I'm using a browser, I book mark the page I'm working with
at times so I can close the browser, reopen it after running NVDA, then
return to the page. Or I might use history to return to the page. But at
times, it's easier to create a book mark and at times, depending on how you
get to a web page, it may not be in history. So I make a book markat times,
then delete it when no longer needed. I believe this problem will be
corrected in upcoming production versions of NVDA.

I think the other problems reflect problems with your system but I don't
know enough technically to say much about them.

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Subject: [nvda] NVDA Responsiveness

I have a few questions related to NVDA's responsiveness:

Sometimes, particularly when I'm on a webpage, NVDA just freezes for several
seconds. I have no idea why, and it doesn't seem to be happening with JAWS.

Likewise, NVDA will randomly jump focus from the window I'm in and just say
"pane"; I then have to close that window to get back to where I was.

Finally, if I have a page open in Firefox and unload NVDA, once I reload
NVDA I can no longer read the page; it is as if NVDA only stays in focus

Using NVDA 2017.3 on Windows 10.
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