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Lots of people say they have the firefox problem and steps are underway to fix it. if you go away from firefox and then come back does this fix the problem?
Sometimes Firefox's focus and nvdas way of obtaining it can be a bit flaky, especially on the 64 bit version of ff57.

As for the freezes, I've noticed this on windows 7, and I suspect its a max out of the processor core nvda is using. Being a dynamic issue its hard to pin it down.


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I have a few questions related to NVDA's responsiveness:

Sometimes, particularly when I'm on a webpage, NVDA just freezes for several seconds. I have no idea why, and it doesn't seem to be happening with JAWS.

Likewise, NVDA will randomly jump focus from the window I'm in and just say "pane"; I then have to close that window to get back to where I was.

Finally, if I have a page open in Firefox and unload NVDA, once I reload NVDA I can no longer read the page; it is as if NVDA only stays in focus mode.

Using NVDA 2017.3 on Windows 10.

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