Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader Feel To Me

James Robinson


I recently purchased the CodeFactory Eloquence&Vocalizer Voices for NVDA and
installed them on my main computer. These synthesize voices really make
NVDA sound and feel like a real Screen Reader to me. I really had a tough
time listening to the InHouse voices that are shipped with NVDA and longed
for better voices for it. I do wish there was a way for NVDA to License
these voices for all of the copies of NVDA downloaded and installed and I
wish CodeFactory and NVDA could bring this agreement about, but I realize I
may be dreaming though. I feel Code Factory could make the number of
machines and the number of installations of the software limitless. Now I
will be able to use NVDA more. Take care and have a good day.

Oh By The Way: What is the direct download link for the Skype Talking for
NVDA AddOn. I clicked on the link at the bottom of NVDA@NVDA.Groups.io
email, but it said "File could not be found." I believe Dug Lee has NVDA
scripts for skype but I am not sure. If so, do let me know about them or
the NVDA Skype scripts.
James Robinson

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