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I think its all down to the fact that for nvda to stay free there has to be a version which does not include commercial software in it.
Not everyone likes those voices, indeed I don't, but like Quincy in Espeak, but that is because I'm UK English and to me it sounds fine.

There are other free voices and synths about of course, and as you say, paid for ones, but really, you cannot force a company to give their software away.
There are voices that may suit better, but not for everyone.
I am not a fan of the default Espeak voice, I feel its too brash, but is probably a compromise for all sorts of different languages.
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I recently purchased the CodeFactory Eloquence&Vocalizer Voices for NVDA and
installed them on my main computer. These synthesize voices really make
NVDA sound and feel like a real Screen Reader to me. I really had a tough
time listening to the InHouse voices that are shipped with NVDA and longed
for better voices for it. I do wish there was a way for NVDA to License
these voices for all of the copies of NVDA downloaded and installed and I
wish CodeFactory and NVDA could bring this agreement about, but I realize I
may be dreaming though. I feel Code Factory could make the number of
machines and the number of installations of the software limitless. Now I
will be able to use NVDA more. Take care and have a good day.

Oh By The Way: What is the direct download link for the Skype Talking for
NVDA AddOn. I clicked on the link at the bottom of
email, but it said "File could not be found." I believe Dug Lee has NVDA
scripts for skype but I am not sure. If so, do let me know about them or
the NVDA Skype scripts.
James Robinson

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