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If its the one I saw it was a registry mod for xp. Since sound does operate differently in 7 and up, I'd be very wary of trying it personally, see my previous post.

I guess if you saved the registry and then tried it out and if it screwed up you could always reload the old version but I think one might need sighted help to test this, as if it trashed the system a bit of fiddling might be needed to regain a working system given that the mode windows starts in is selected before speech.
It has always confused me why there could not be some agreed default mode for sound hard ware for this sort of thing so a part of the bios could simply access the hardware and speak.

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A few years ago, someone passed on something called "Audio in Safe Mode". I never used it, but I think I still have it somewhere. Does anyone know what it was?

I think it was our friend Doris who gave it to me, saying it might have come in handy some day.

If someone can remember, and give instructions, I'd be more than happy to share it.



Il 21/10/2017 17:33, Rosemarie Chavarria ha scritto:
Not that I know of.

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Is there a way to use NVDA in safe mode?

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