Re: Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader Feel To Me

Blee Blat <bleeblat@...>

And then there is me. I don't like any of the available voices, because they're all too human sounding and speak too slowly. I liked the DoubleTalk voices, or maybe the Accent or Artic voices, but none of those are supported any longer. I put up with synthesized speech because braille support is never well-tested on most platforms, and the braille displays I end up buying always end up being discontinued and it seems you can't get a simple braille terminal any more. You have to have one of these crappy note taker things, but my phone has better specs than these devices. So screen reading technology is currently sucking. And if it was unclear by "simple braille terminal" I mean just a display that sits under a laptop or keyboard that just outputs braille from the computer. I type too fast for the regular cheap plastic keyboards to keep up so braille input would lag too much to be useful. I just want a simple dumb braille display that outputs braille and does nothing else. If anyone else has any suggestions, I'd love to hear, and yes if I get working braille again I'll test all the screen readers I can and fix them if they work badly if I'm allowed to do that.

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