Re: Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader FeelTo Me

David Griffith

I guess it is tangentially relevant that on the FS Cast episode a few months ago they said that they were intending to retain Eloquence as an option in Jaws pretty much indefinitely going forward.

This was  in response to a question about whether it was going to be phased out.


I am not sure that it is the case that it is not being developed at all as the Code Factory Eloquence voices Ihave are pretty different from the older Kurzweil voices I have. I actually styill prefer the older Eloquence versions but the newer voices are Sapi 5 as opposed to Sapi 4 and will work in some applications like Speakn On which seems to struggle to pick up the older voices.

The other difference is that with the older Kurzweil derived Eloquence TTS  NVDA does not seem to be able to provide the Audio Ducking function whilst this is respected with the newer Code Factory versions.


David Griffith

David Griffith




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From: Blee Blat
Sent: 21 October 2017 19:54
Subject: Re: [nvda] Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader FeelTo Me


Yes, this is true, all the newer synths are very poor. Eloquence is a

bit too human sounding, but you're right I'd put up with it because it

does speak fast. The trouble is that it's old code and I'm not sure it's

going to continue to be supported, plus I'd have to get a license for

Android and Windows I'm guessing, and possibly the Linux versions. I'd

only do that though if it wasn't going to drag down performance of the

devices running old buggy code. Unless I'm misunderstanding something,

the actual code that is eloquence hasn't been modified since 1999 or so,

so you're paying for someone to keep packaging old compatibility

libraries which will eventually stop working.






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