Re: Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader FeelToMe

Blee Blat <bleeblat@...>

Yes, I've done that I think. Windows 10 doesn't have a disable all enhancements checkbox for playback, so I'm not sure if I've disabled them fully or not, I've disabled the realtek services from running at startup, but I'm not sure if that has other issues. I'll probably have to get another sound card for this laptop anyway, because it seems that they're doing really silly things like having all these DTS codecs and junk built into drivers now. Sound enhancements are an abomination, they just destroy your musicĀ  and so everyone should turn them off. I don't know what the purpose of a system wide equalizer is. The only people that might possibly need these are people with specific hearing loss possibly, but I would let those people speak for themselves. It shouldn't be enabled by default, for sure.

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