Re: Eloquence&Vocalizer Gives NVDA A Real Screen Reader FeelToMe

Blee Blat <bleeblat@...>

Is there a way to be sure you have audio enhancements disabled? I'm not sure if  disabling the realtek startup stuff was enough to do it, but it seems that it is. Now I just get a tiny crackle during the NVDA startup sound, but I think that seems to be something wrong with this driver since if I change the sample rate to the default 48k instead of the CD audio setting, the crackle disappears, but having all the music resampled is undesirable as well, because it squishes the low to mid range frequencies a bit and seems to compress the sound dynamically as well, so I'll have to look for a better card. I don't care if speech gets messed with a little bit sonically as long as its responsive, but screwing with music is not at all useful.

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