Thats it bt sync enough


Hi all.

Well I tried yet again after the crash on shutdown to get the sync service working it said there was an error with one of my folders and I just don't know how to clear it.

It appears that that folder was the issue, and to be honest I will not have my system dammaged because bt sync service didn't want to exit.

There is obviously something wrong with the phonetones folders.

Sadly I have decidedĀ  to put a lid on this completely till someone can figure out something which will work for bt sync protocal and work properly.

I am no longer using bt sync I allready recomended people not use bt sync and well, now thats it, Happily most of my folders havn't updated in a while but if I loose it then I loose it.

The tv documentaries folder has a dropbox link and a password and I will use that.

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