Re: Nvda and the combibraille/braillewindow display


In order to "unlock" the keys on these displays, NV Access will need to take
a look at one of these displays and write a native NVDA braille display
driver for it. Certain BRLTTY keys aren't mapped to NVDA functions, hence
this issue.

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Subject: [nvda] Nvda and the combibraille/braillewindow display


I am using a Combibraille brailledisplay with Nvda. This display is also
called a Braillewindow.
It is an verry old display and can only be connected by using a serial
connection, so I use a usb to serial converter and Brltty to get this
display working.
The problem in Nvda is, dat the keys on the display are not working. When I
use Brltty in debug mode, I can see, that the keys are working for Brltty,
but Nvda will not recognize these.
is there a trick so I can also use the keys on this display? That would be
verry nice.

Kind regards, Marten

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