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Preferences dialog: someone in Europe is actually working on this as we speak.
Old Windows versions: I am working on mapping out the plan to drop support for old Windows releases (not just words, but in source code). As for viruses and old Windows releases, in some ways, there is some correlation but not much (it is up to users to stay vigilant).
As for new leadership: NV Access is here to stay. One noticeable change is decentralization of the development expertise, with more third-party contributions being integrated.

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Hi, there is special addon in which you can set all settings in one place, as Control center in Jaws. You may install it and enjoy it, its cool and verry usefull method of setting all.

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Now When Jamie has change to another work, I hope there will be some space for new thinking and redesign. Even if i really like nvda very mutch, and you devs are doing a fantastic good jobb in general. However there is a few things wich iritate my mutch. And most imprtant is how the menu-system are organised. I would like to se menu scructure organized in fleaks wich i can toggle betwean by arrow-keys. If i made an reinstallation of NVDA then I am able to made all settings at once. As it is today, you must do the settings in a one section, then press ok, opend menu again and go to next and so on. This is a little old fasion.

So I hope that new leadership for nvda will also bring some new thinking. I am also glad to se that older windows longer will not be supported. Because this older windows is virusmashin, and by supporting them, NVDA is also encurage spread of virus.

So i'll wish the new leader good luck, and looking forward to se little new way thinking.

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