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Well I don't mind the control thing its the way of the cloud, at the same time with the closing of ms music which was a big reason of me having an ms account bar my purchaced apps ms has basically shot itself at least for me with their ms accounts.

I like the win7 shell, and I don't care for 10 like that.

Its progress I guess but to be honest xp was still a faster loading system by a long stretch.

Maybe not as good as 7 or some of the features in 10, but yeah its just hype.

In the last update on the systems I haveĀ  10 on, I disabled the stupid people apps in the task bar and once that was gone windows continued as normal.

I do think there should be a seperate user os and business os.

And I don't mean home where you have no control at all basically and can't connect to the network.

I mean a propper os.

A home user, plays games, music, does documents, and reads email, does the web.

A business user does the same but also connects to their network to do things, etc, etc, etc.

In xp even pro was for home even on 7 the system leaves you alone.

On 10, well you can make the system leave you alone for the most part but I have never figured how to make a shortcut for something from the ribbon, and it appears they are changing a lot.

I realise why xp is no more, security is one thing and the tech being just to old.

WHat really saddens me is how windows changed.

it was a shell over dos first up to 1998 then switched fully with win2k to its own os finnishing in xp.

Through the rocky vista patch then into 7.

And sadly thats where inovation stopped, after the disaster with 8 and now windows mobile they tried to comply with the app revolution in 10.

Sadly thats where its stopped, now its online services which are fine I use some of them like weather a lot.

But there is more than anyone of us meer mortals gear wise will ever be able to afford, stuff is put in because it looks cool not that its actually of any use.

If something crashes, you get a message saying an error has happened, tell microsoft.

I had actually got a problem once with a program and it gave all the info that ms was going to get.

The programmer couldn't read it till I turned error reporting off and it generated the actual crash message.

Things are a bit better now but still its not like microsoft care about all our problems they can't I don't think.

A home user should have a system that just works 7 is the new xp.

Sadly if we use 7 we need to have older systems before 6-7gen which means we will have to use older systems and well lets see, some drivers and hardware are not being updated much so as a gamer I do find issues from time to time.

For its day xp was really good.

The only thing for 7 is the search box and the hardware support and the only good thing and bad thing about 10 is it will find your stuff easy enough it does sometimes find the wrong stuff.

I'd like windows update to return to what it was though.

At least you can see what is being updated but still.

On 24/10/2017 8:33 a.m., Gene wrote:
Despite all the hype about Windows 10, one reason I haven't upgraded my Windows 7 computer is because I want to control it, not cede control of it to Microsoft. While there are arguments that can be made that people benefit in general by having forced updates, and maybe people in general do, that doesn't mean that I do as an individual and especially as an individual blind person. I believe that security updates should probably be forced. Other updates that aren't really necessary, should not be.

At some point, when I buy a new computer, igt will come with Windows 10. But I won't upgrade a computer that works well and gives me no problems that amount to anything and maybe have new and unanticipated problems and lose control over updates.
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I feel your pain. I think that xp is still viable but of course the old nvda
is fine for that as not much new stuff will work on it. Although I have a 64
bit win 7 machine I do find people looking down their nose at me for being
old fashioned a bit too much sometimes. Whose computer keeps working, and
whose does not, Exactly win ten users suddenly lose a working bit of
software due to changes in the latest version inadvertently screwing up
something else.
I personally feel that while constant development is good, the current
model of using users as testers is not good if those users are working for a
living. I personally don't care too much, I'm retired but do some work for a
charity as well so I need one reliable machine, the rest well they can be
toys as somebody suggested but in my case the working one is what the first
adopters call a toy, and vice versa!
Who is the fool?

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Well to be honest, I think older windows should be supported till they are
no longer viable.

Xp and vista are no longer viable.

win7 still is supported at least for 3 years and after that till it
becomes no longer viable well.

The older systems should be supported till 32 bit oses actually die at any

A lot of 32 bit programs still exist, a lot of purely 64 bit ones exist
to, a lot more.

However 32 bit programs are being made still.

Do it to slowly and well its a drag.

Do it to quickly and it would be like me upgrading jaws from home to pro.

You need to rebuy your jaws licence to use your next version of windows 10
and we won'

't support windows 10 because its now updated.

As a result people would pirate jaws and windows 10 to get the support.

WHat I am trying to say there is a fine line from being secure and a line
from driving people away from business.

I have worked with several software packages and other systems touting
that newer stuff would be support and either changing quickly or doing it
in a rush.

Usually it works mostly the users grumble but get used to it in a fashion.

I have had it fail about 3 times in my life time.

Once it was me, this new package worked but windows stopped working, I had
to reformat a 3 computer network.

In another time a friend got a virus and decided to use the recomended
repair solution.

Lets see, sure the virus was gone but 50 conflicting security programs and
tools creating over 500gb of junk files slowed his system so much that I
had to first remove all that security system, and reinstall something that
worked, then have the system on for 2 days straight cleaning junk files.

I then had to repair the dammage that was caused by said software and was
lucky it was not a reformat though it was close.

On another case of someone holding back, my cousin got infected with
ransomware because he just let his antivirus subscription norton expire.

He didn't mean to but he did.

I was able to fix it, but in the end he needed everything including his
bios refreshed and a new system installed.

However after that experience he switched to avast because well things
just didn't work.

Even when things should work I have had a user after trying to update turn
off his system or have a power cut during an update.

He had to reformat and lost his files well some of them on win10 and he is
back on xp now.

Point is supporting older users doesn't promote a virus, we are not vfo be
happy we are not.

On 23/10/2017 9:51 p.m., Alexander Masic wrote:

Now When Jamie has change to another work, I hope there will be some
space for new thinking and redesign. Even if i really like nvda very
mutch, and you devs are doing a fantastic good jobb in general. However
there is a few things wich iritate my mutch. And most imprtant is how the
menu-system are organised. I would like to se menu scructure organized in
fleaks wich i can toggle betwean by arrow-keys. If i made an
reinstallation of NVDA then I am able to made all settings at once. As it
is today, you must do the settings in a one section, then press ok, opend
menu again and go to next and so on. This is a little old fasion.

So I hope that new leadership for nvda will also bring some new thinking.
I am also glad to se that older windows longer will not be supported.
Because this older windows is virusmashin, and by supporting them, NVDA
is also encurage spread of virus.

So i'll wish the new leader good luck, and looking forward to se little
new way thinking.

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