win10 apps



Further to the message I sent, I think its wrong to make us the users use apps.

While on a smart phone I can see a reason the thing is we have grown up as blind people using desktop apps.

And I don't see bar a few reasons to use the universal crappy and inaccessible apps.

Even if their status changes there are vary few apps I find usefull that I have to use or something like store and settings.

Calendar, weather, knfb reader, usefull but knfb only because I got it cheap I'd never use them otherwise.

Ms lens I guess is ok but still.

Out of all those weather I can read online without the app and a calendar while nice I can do without.

Everything else is desktop but then I am a gamer and home user doing some freelance contracts so I don't need the blessings and curse of an office suite.

Jarte handles most things for me.

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