Re: topics straying out of NVDA territory


Why didn't I think of that.
I do think an offtopic group for debates and other stuff would be a good idea.
I also think issues should be aired.
If one is created I'll vote for it.
Thanks for that travis I had forgot about that, I used to belong to a chat group but there was to much traffic on it so quit but I do enjoy this, I am just waiting for it to close but yeah your idea so you bring it to the mods and see what they say.
You have a suppoorter at any rate.

On 20/04/2016 4:59 p.m., Kwork wrote:
I'm noticing that we're straying away on many of these discussions from actually discussing NVDA. With, sub groups can be created. Moderators, just a suggestion: what about creating an NVDA chat subgroup for those who are members of this list, and who want to keep things off topic for the main list? I personally don't mind using my delete key, but would rather use it for topics I'm just not interested in rather than trying to figure out which topics of departed from actual NVDA discussion. Just a suggestion.

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