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I think the problem is, what is it that is getting things to be sluggish, which is often the reason for unknown occurring. If somebody could identify that then it could be fixed. Its a bit like these people whose answer to every windows problem is reformat and reinstall. its not an answer, its just setting the clock back to zero again. IE you are not curing the underlying issue.

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Hello, I also have a suggestion for future NVDA releases. A repair option in the installation process might be useful, I'll tell you why. Someone has one or more problems with NVDA and wants to fix them without uninstalling.
Someone wrote in the Romanian community that NVDA does lag when he's typing something. I told him to return to the default configuration and this worked for him But, another person contacted me privately to ttell me that NVDA has a strange behavior. When navigating on Skype or browsers with tab, it says "unknown" instead of reading the content. He reseted the configuration, uninstalled the add-ons, restarted NVDA several times, but no result. I told him to reinstall NVDA.
So, a repair option is required in this case. As I remember, JAWS has this option in the installation wizard. I haven't used it for a long time.
That's over for now. What do you think about my suggestion?

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