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I rather feel that apps was and probably still is an attempt to make mobile and desktop use the same code.
To me though the two regimes are totally different, even for the sighted.
On a mobile platform you have small screen small device and no keys to press and all of that, but on a home system you do not have to have things that way, Microsoft use touch screens its true, but from what I've found and have witnessed people after a bit of fiddling about with the novelty go back to a keyboard and a mouse.
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Further to the message I sent, I think its wrong to make us the users use apps.

While on a smart phone I can see a reason the thing is we have grown up as blind people using desktop apps.

And I don't see bar a few reasons to use the universal crappy and inaccessible apps.

Even if their status changes there are vary few apps I find usefull that I have to use or something like store and settings.

Calendar, weather, knfb reader, usefull but knfb only because I got it cheap I'd never use them otherwise.

Ms lens I guess is ok but still.

Out of all those weather I can read online without the app and a calendar while nice I can do without.

Everything else is desktop but then I am a gamer and home user doing some freelance contracts so I don't need the blessings and curse of an office suite.

Jarte handles most things for me.

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