Re: topics straying out of NVDA territory


Well I enjoy debates like this especially since its not gone to a flame war.
I didn't think of a sub though travis did, I wouldn't mind an offtopic group as long as it doesn't generate to much.
On that note if it ever got to much we could always have a pun bb hosted forum for nvda with rooms for general chat off topic and various places though that could be in the future.

On 20/04/2016 5:23 p.m., Joseph Lee wrote:

This is the reason why we had subgroup proposals in the first place. But
more importantly, I'm debating whether to declare an emergency or not after
asking Nimer.



From: Kwork []
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2016 9:59 PM
Subject: [nvda] topics straying out of NVDA territory

I'm noticing that we're straying away on many of these discussions from
actually discussing NVDA. With, sub groups can be created.
Moderators, just a suggestion: what about creating an NVDA chat subgroup for
those who are members of this list, and who want to keep things off topic
for the main list? I personally don't mind using my delete key, but would
rather use it for topics I'm just not interested in rather than trying to
figure out which topics of departed from actual NVDA discussion. Just a


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