Re: What's the simplest, most accessible calendar, please?


Sounds interesting, David.

I wouldn't mind trying it out...



Il 25/10/2017 18:26, David Griffith ha scritto:

The webbie suite of programs should work all over the world unless there is a rights issue which relates to the BBC content drawn from the BBC website.

However the RSS Reader, Podcast downloader clock  PDF Reader Accessible Gutenberg and Calendar  etc should work everywhere.

Mind you in relation to the Gutenberg downloader Ihave for some reason found only the portable version working under Windows 10.

David Griffith

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Isn't Webbie only available in the UK? My friend and I are in Italy...

Ciao, and thanks,


Il 25/10/2017 17:47, Brian's Mail list account via Groups.Io ha scritto:

Really depends on what he wants it to do, if all he needs is an alert
say for every day from a week before etc with the appointments in it
and no other programs involved then it has to be the one in the Webbie
web site. its stand alone, works on all windows versions and is simple
to use in the extreme.
I guess you could use Google as it can span devices via the web, but
there are so many other options here that you soon end up with a diary
and time management suite running on every device which sometimes
feels like you have a boss chasing you all day!
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Subject: [nvda] What's the simplest, most accessible calendar, please?
Hello list,
A friend is asking me what is teh most accessible calendar to use
with NVDA and Windows7.
I use no calendars, and have Windows10, so I can be of no help.
Would anyone have suggestions, please?
Thanks in advance.

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