Re: Mandatory advisory: when Firefox 57 lands, do NOT check "prevent accessibility services" checkbox

Ron Canazzi

Hi Joseph,

So if you leave that checkbox unchecked, how accessible is Firefox Quantum then?

On 10/25/2017 11:34 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,

Well, the tests ended so fast…


The following is a community-based advisory that is mandatory for you all to listen up and follow:


If Firefox 57 is set to prevent accessibility services, you won’t be able to use Firefox at all. The following NVDA features will fail:


  • Browse mode and focus mode
  • Web browser features such as elements list and first letter navigation commands
  • Object navigation and review modes
  • OCR functionality


ADVISORY: when Firefox 57 lands, DO NOT check “prevent accessibility services” checkbox in Firefox options. By default, this checkbox is unchecked.


Technical: NVDA uses mixture of code injection and accessibility API routines to access Firefox. However, when accessibility services are turned off, Firefox enters a mode where the UI and browse mode functionality will not work with screen readers. This means no announcements regarding menu bar, no toolbar navigation feedback, no feedback when you type into address bar, no browse mode and so on. The only way to restore it so far is disabling the checkbox described above until NVDA finds a way to interact with Firefox Quantum.




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