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For now, just set punctuation to none, at least when reading e-mail.  I don't know if you can do this in a profile but I never hear such punctuation.  In addition, why not just stop reading after the message? 

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Obviously, somebody needs to point this out to the  people who run it, Its just a text string. Just as well its not a line of greater than and less thans then I suppose as I've found on some lists.
If it had been a row of dashes it would have been silent. But a row of =, would just have said 40 equals which might suit those who like to know when its the end without it getting annoying.

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Yes, at first I thought it was somebody having a rather feeble joke, but sorry to say it's built into, so I don't know whether group owners can do anything about it.

Vince in England.

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In other words where the message in this list ends, and the added content
starts is.

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