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That can only work properly if the people writing than accessibility api actually do all the things needed to reveal the data we need. I have not got much confidence in this approach. Why do we need yet another api? Are there not enough already, look at what happened with Edge and these universal apps. These people seem to think with their arses sometimes. What ever happened to if it is not broken don't fix it?

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Hi. It's not easy to explainthis without avoiding technecal issues.
Suffice it to say that the Mozilla web engine is undergoing a change.
In the past, it is mozilla that is issuing all the information to
Screenreaders. Now with the new browser, it is up to the Screenreader
to extract the information from the browser through a user interface.
Complicated but so it goes with new technology. Cheers!

On 26/10/2017 10:52 AM, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Group,

I thought 57 was supposed to solve accessibility issues--not create
more. Back when 56 was released, some people were talking about an
issue where the place was not kept when moving back and forth between
web pages and/or tabs. On another list, I saw that this was to be
fixed in version 57. Now what's all this stuff about a totally new
design that breaks screen accessibility?

On 10/25/2017 10:12 PM, Jaffar Sidek wrote:

There will be problems using ScreenReders with the Firefox Quantum
due to be released on November 14th. It is advised that the ESR
version of Firefox should be installed and your current personal
Firefox version be uninstalled to prevent it from automatically
updating to the latest but broken Firefox Quantum, as far as
ScreenReader usability goes. Go here to download FireFox ESR to
maintain ScreenReader usability as this version won't be updated
until June of next year, by which time, it is hoped that the personal
edition of Firefox and ScreenReader usability will be resolved.

Plese press T to find the table of available languages, plus
Operating Systems, and arrow down to the appropriate language and OS
of your choice. Unfortunately, the navigation of this table is not
made any easier due to the lack of hadings, but patiently scroll down
with your arrow key and you should find what you need. Cheers!

On 26/10/2017 8:46 AM, Gene wrote:
The free upgrade won't be available after a time, I think it's a few
months from now. but you don't have to upgrade and remain
upgraded. You can upgrade and then go back to whatever you are
using now. Then, since you have upgraded, you can upgrade again
later if you wish. I don't know the details of how you upgrade
again and from what I've read, if you upgrade and then downgrade,
you have to do some things to get everything back as it was. Just
because the free upgrade is going away, that doesn't mean you have
to do anything. How old is your machine? How likely is it that it
will still be working when support ends for whatever version of
Windows you are running now? How old are your peripherals such as
printer and scanner? Are there Windows 10 drivers for them? The
free upgrade might not be so free.
Is there anything in Windows 10 you want?
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Hi guys

I just had a email off another list to do with another screen reader
to do with the new fire fox coming out next month the one stated in
the subject line. Are we alright to go with it as of yet? or will we
be aright with it in the next release of NVDA 2017.4 or the version
after that.

I have not got that version on this system so do not know how well
it works with it. From what i have been reading is more to do with
multii thread machines.

And older machines will slow the right down as in searching for
pages etc.

It looks also the free upgrade to windows 10 from 7,8 and 8.1 ends
at the end of this year.

So if you are able to upgrade from those operating system either
upgrade or after that date if you want to go to windows 10 you will
have to pay.

There is also some other accessibility stuff that might be of
interest to windows 10 creator update. For more info see the
following link at

Once i know also about the new browser and when we are able to go i
will put it back across the list in atig in new zealand.

Gene nz

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