Re: Mandatory advisory: when Firefox 57 lands, do NOT check "prevent accessibility services" checkbox

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But although I never use twitface, I do use bbc and 55 seems still reasonably snappy with that site. However some of the main newspapers web sites are really just too busy with rubbish in my view, and this is off topic to some degree. I'm oftentold by mainstream sighted people that they are now finding web sites with bells whistles and clutter to be very hard to use and want the old days of simplicity back. So do we!
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As for that, it is due to the fact that Firefox is using multiple processes
for accessibility routines, which impacts NVDA.



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"prevent accessibility services" checkbox

There will be a problem when browsing through very dense web pages with lots
of links and info. I just tried,,,
these pages are so sluggish that it would be better to use internet explorer
instead. Cheers!

On 26/10/2017 12:19 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:

Hi gene

I downloaded the 57 beta a little while ago and found the setting he was
talking about. Mine was already unchecked. I downloaded the beta of 57 and i
am just looking around now.

The menus are been spoken. The quick navigation keys seem to be working etc.

There is a little lag some times when you go to the menus and or left or
right arrow. I was just having a look in the options section it looks like
only 4 tabs now

I have read a couple of articles so far from our stuff website and gone back
and forth between pages.

as mentioned there is a little lag at times seems no worser than 56 actually
at a few times seemed quicker.

Now and again you have to refresh the page as like the page does not load
and using the f5 key lets it load.

Gene nz

On 10/26/2017 4:43 PM, Gene wrote:

How do you disable it if you can't work with menus and all the other
structures you discussed? Can you use the command alt t then o to get into
the options dialog and can it be worked with? Are you saying that we need
to check this check box in the options dialog?


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Subject: [nvda] Mandatory advisory: when Firefox 57 lands, do NOT check
"prevent accessibility services" checkbox

Hi all,

Well, the tests ended so fast.

The following is a community-based advisory that is mandatory for you all to
listen up and follow:

If Firefox 57 is set to prevent accessibility services, you won't be able to
use Firefox at all. The following NVDA features will fail:

* Browse mode and focus mode
* Web browser features such as elements list and first letter
navigation commands
* Object navigation and review modes
* OCR functionality

ADVISORY: when Firefox 57 lands, DO NOT check "prevent accessibility
services" checkbox in Firefox options. By default, this checkbox is

Technical: NVDA uses mixture of code injection and accessibility API
routines to access Firefox. However, when accessibility services are turned
off, Firefox enters a mode where the UI and browse mode functionality will
not work with screen readers. This means no announcements regarding menu
bar, no toolbar navigation feedback, no feedback when you type into address
bar, no browse mode and so on. The only way to restore it so far is
disabling the checkbox described above until NVDA finds a way to interact
with Firefox Quantum.




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