Re: Using Win 10's Mail App


Hmmm I have another issue, outlook since september /october likes to send all attachments as winmail.dat the exchange format though its been set to html and never changed.

I have sent a support ticket to ms because I suspect it a bug but I do wander about outlook.

Most of my other users use gmail direct and  thunderbird.

On 26/10/2017 6:02 a.m., John Isige wrote:
Microsoft's various mail programs have always been weird though. I used to use Outlook, the one that came in Office. Then I had to upgrade or migrate machines or whatever. So I exported mail and everything just like you're supposed to. Got everything installed, imported into the new Outlook. Suddenly none of my filtering rules to send messages to specific folders would work. So I literally deleted them all and recreated them from scratch, and they still wouldn't work. That's when I switched to Thunderbird and I've been using it ever since.


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