Re: Firefox Quantum. ver 57 are we ready?


You didn't say you had problems with version 52, the version being used in the ESR version.  It is dangerous to use old browsers and 45 is getting older every day and is already ten or eleven versions old.  How old is that, about two years? 
If you try the ESR version as a portable application, you can see if it works and still have 45 installed. 

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Well when I asked over a month back nobody knew what I was talking about, so
I'm staying on 455 till I see which way the wind blows. Unless otherwise
persuaded even though I have a 64 bit machine I have in the past been burned
by the 64 bit version of FF, so I am using the 32 bit one very reliably,
until they brought out 56, when I had to disable the sidebar to get focus on
the page all the time. I reported this bug but they did not fix it in 56,
instead fixing it in the 57 pre release versions which I've not tried.
 For those who do know what is going on, a little bit more info here would
be nice, like can we be sure if we download 57, that we can keep it 32 bi5t
and that the weird bugs with some web controls will be fixed,  and vital add
ons like system sounds and ad blockers will still work.

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Subject: [nvda] Firefox Quantum. ver 57 are we ready?

> Hi guys
> I just had a email off another list to do with another screen reader to do
> with the new fire fox coming out next month the one stated in the subject
> line. Are we alright to go with it as of yet? or will we be aright with it
> in the next release of NVDA 2017.4 or the version after that.
> I have not got that version on this system so do not know how well it
> works with it. From what i have been reading is more to do with multii
> thread machines.
> And older machines will slow the right down as in searching for pages etc.
> It looks also the free upgrade to windows 10 from 7,8 and 8.1 ends at the
> end of this year.
> So if you are able to upgrade from those operating system either upgrade
> or after that date if you want to go to windows 10 you will have to pay.
> There is also some other accessibility stuff that might be of interest to
> windows 10 creator update. For more info see the following link at
> Once i know also about the new browser and when we are able to go i will
> put it back across the list in atig in new zealand.
> Gene nz
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