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in india, eSpeak only reads most of the indian languages like tamil,
marati, telugu etc and we will struggle to read languages written in
indian languages.
so eSpeak is necessary for us.

On 4/20/16, Christo Vorster <> wrote:
Hi list

I do not necessarily agree with the idea to do away with ESpeak. I believe
that is a case of "horses for causes."

In South Africa, more specifically, at the Institute for the Blind in
Worcester where I am a lecturer, we extensively use ESpeak to read
Afrikaans. And may I say, the quality of ESpeak's Afrikaans is actually

I won't mind if the developers do away with ESpeak, but before that happens
I want definite proof that the replacement program has, at least, the same
quality, preferably, better.



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